Around the World in 2 Minutes

We all have that dream… that goal to go see the world. If you have ever stepped foot out of your own homeland and experienced something new, you know what I am talking about. For many of us who travel, we end up getting bit by what has been deemed the “Travel Bug.”

So, today I will share with you a video of my friend Abdullah who has taken this affliction in stride. He has been an inspiration to many through his travels. As an Egyptian, it’s not always easy to get out and travel due to restrictions and visas, but this guy has managed; he has taken traveling head on and does what it takes to see the world.

Check out his Facebook and Instagram and follow Abdullah on his latest adventures.

My advice to you today is to follow your dreams. Get out there and see the world. Do whatever it takes. There is no reason to let go of your dream to see the world. If there is a will there is a way. Don’t let people tell you no. Don’t let people tell you that it is too expensive, that it’s not worth it. Traveling will change your life. It will open your eyes. It will light a fire in your soul. What are you waiting for? Get out there and see the world!

Don’t forget to share your stories with me! I love to hear from my readers about their journey.